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About Us

With many years of experience, we continue our services in the field of laser cutting and bending of the press brake.

We apply the most up-to-date technology in applications related to the cutting and shaping of metals. In our developing world, competition brings more serious and heavier responsibilities. In this context, we are aware that we are always the solution partner of our customers and the most important link in the supply chain. "Continuity in Quality", "Reasonable Price", "Mutual Trust" and "Honesty" are the basic principles and indispensable values ​​that make up our vision. Our company will keep customer satisfaction above all else and will not compromise on its policy of quality service and honesty while moving forward to become a company that provides the best service with the necessary technological investments.

OUR BENCH SIZE is of two types, 2000mm X 4000mm and 1500mm X 3000mm.

All kinds of cutting works in the thicknesses specified below can be processed.

SİYAH SAC : 0,50MM – 20MM arası

PASLANMAZ : 0,50MM – 20MM arası

ALÜMİNYUM : 0,50MM – 15MM arası

GALVANİZ : 0,50MM – 8MM arası

PİRİNÇ : 0,50MM – 10MM arası

BAKIR : 0,50MM – 5MM arası

DKP : 0,50MM – 2MM arası

HRP : 0,50MM – 6MM arası

SİLİSLİ SAC : 0,30MM – 1,5MM arası